Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More About Math Workshop

Thanks for the sweet comments & feedback on my Math Rotation Board. I've also received a lot of questions about the logistics of how it runs in my classroom. I'm happy to answer them and will post soon with lots more details. If you have any question or want clarification on anything related to my Math Workshop please leave a comment and I'll try to address it (along with the questions from this post that some of y'all already asked me).

In the meantime, here's a few more pictures related to it from my room.

I wanted to streamline the process of having my friends gather the materials needed for Math Workshop. So this is what I came up with:

I created a station to house all of the games, manipulatives and activities necessary for the daily activities. I wanted a variety of containers so that I could house cards, manipulatives, papers, books...basically whatever they would be working with.
In a moment of creative cheapness, I spray painted yogurt containers, altered magazine boxes with scrapbooking supplies and repurposed dishpans and file crates. Doing so gave me the variety of shapes and sizes I needed.

I store my materials in a closet which they do have access to, but I put out what is needed only during the current rotations. Instead of labeling each container with things like "flash cards," "pattern blocks," or "math worksheets," that I would need to change often or else have lots and lots of bins, I put letters on the containers.
When I'm listing tasks on the Rotation Board, I include the letter where the necessary items are.

For example, one of the choices under Math Facts might be "Play High/Low with array cards- Cup C" or "Multiplication Mad Minutes -Bin M"

Anyhow, I hope that makes sense. Like I said, feel free to leave me questions/comments and I'll work on putting together a post about it.

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  1. this is such a great idea! Along with all the other ideas on this site. I am a new teacher starting out this year and I have gained a lot of really great ways to get my classroom started for the upcoming year. I am going to be teaching intermediates, and while I can see how many of these ideas can be modified for my classroom, can you suggest any other blogs that might be useful. Most websites that I have come across seem to be aimed at primary grades.

  2. I love this! I do stations with my 5th graders on Friday's and this would be such a great organizer for that. Did you post somewhere what kind of activities you place in the different rotations? Or do you just make them up and create a sentence strip or something for them?

  3. I love how neat it all looks! Thanks for some great ideas.


  4. This is great! I love your game organization. I teach 6th grade and use much of the same ideas for my math class, but could use your organizing skills!

  5. Also, if you don't mind me posting this here, anonymous from comment #1 can check out my blog SOON to get ideas for her intermediate classroom. I'm in the process of finalizing an entry on how I do guided math with 6th graders! www.givethemtheworldteaching.blogspot.com

  6. This is great! I try to do Math Workshop often with my fifth graders and they LOVE it, but I always run into a few issues. First, our directors insist that we always stay with the program, teach a lesson a day, and don't teach for mastery. Yes, the last part is true. I have fifth graders who don't know their math facts, which makes fractions and pre-algebra, near impossible at times. What program are you using and how do you stick to it without killing yourself planning? Do you have help during your math block? I found that it was exhausting to plan for three groups and then try to monitor, even though I have captains for each group, but I really love math workshop. Do you pre and post test students or have a way to monitor what is working? Finally, does the spray paint smudge on the yogurt containers??

  7. Looks very nice what did you use to paint your yogurt containers?

  8. Jodi, this is gorgeous. My area is certainly not as beautiful as yours, but you inspire me always! - Victoria :)

  9. Wow, I really love this! I especially love how you labeled everything with letters. What a great idea!



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