Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

I would like to thank the lovely ladies over at Blog Hoppin' for inspiring me to update the "About Us" page on my site...a task that was overdue. Since you are all familiar with what the blog is about, I figured I would just cut and paste a little bit of what I'm about from my About Me page to share with you. (Feel free to click on the about us button on the right, if you are just stopping by for the first time and aren't familiar with what the blog is about.)

Random Bullets About Me...
  • On a personal note I have been married for 8 years and have a 6 year old son and 2 year old daughters. We live in an itty-bitty house with a white picket the neighborhood in which I a school which I adore. All of those things make me very, very happy!
  • Teaching is not only my job, it is my hobby and my passion. I am so grateful to be in a position I love that also provides me the opportunity to spend lots of time with my family. I don't sleep much, but that's another story!
  • I have taught preschool, Kindergarten and grades 1-3.
  • My favorite professional experience was doing a 1st/2nd grade loop (the entire class sang at my wedding at the end of the 2nd year).
  • There were no jobs in Massachusetts when I graduated, so I moved to Florida to start my career with the plan to move home in 2 years. I followed the plan and regret it each winter.
  • The most unexpected thing that ever happened to me was finding out I was having identical twins. I'm a planner. Big time! This certainly taught me that I only have so much control over things.

My favorite teacher tools...

My favorite place to visit...
My littles...
Camden, Bailey & Avery

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...
I've been loving reading all of your Meet the Teacher posts.

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  1. AAAAA! You went to the Pat's training camp?! I am SO JEALOUS!!! I loved reading this! :)

  2. You have such little cuties. :-) Looks like you had a great summer...enjoy that weatehr while you can, ha!

  3. How much fun having twins! :) I would die!!! :)

  4. You family is beautiful! I have 3 year old twin boys.


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