Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Things Match - my classroom makeover

This year I wanted my classroom to be colorful, but really focused on creating an environment that would eliminate as much distraction as possible. I found that using only two colors (lime green & aqua) with black accents helped me with that goal. I included different patterns and textures to keep it interesting, but overall the look is cohesive.

Once the boards and bigger items were done, I started looking for small projects that would be quick and easy, but would make a difference. This took under 5 minutes and cost nothing since I used scraps from other projects. I simply trimmed down some black cardstock, wrapped it around the tissue box and hand sanitizer and hot glued it closed in the back. Next I hot-glued some ribbon that coordinates with my classroom around each item. Done!

I would suggest adding a label to the item since you are covering it. The labels were already hanging. They are from my Classroom Labels Kit.

This was a spontaneous project. If I were to do it again (and I'm sure I will...I'm looking at you hand soap), I would cut the strips of paper to size and laminate them before attaching them to protect them from drips.

What can you think of from your classroom that you would cover?

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  1. LOVE this! I decided the exact same thing, mainly because of student last year who could not handle any visual noise. I really love the calmness it brings to the room. My colors are lime green and black with a little bit of aqua. LOL

  2. @Dianne: Great minds think alike. Do you have pictures of your classroom online? I would love to see them.

  3. I did the same thing in my room this year. It makes me a big difference visually. My colors are also lime green and aqua, but with a bit of brown.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. I love this idea! Sometimes my class would go through two or three tissue boxes a week. I wonder if you could laminate it (with ribbon) and create a little sleeve to slip over the new box?
    The Write Handed Teacher

    1. I think it might be better to get two standard Lucite tissue box covers and glue the designs to the insides for ease of cleaning.

  5. Love this! For the first time in my career I have two bathrooms in my room. I feel like little things like this would really add up in there! Thanks!!

  6. What about covering the handsoap in contact paper as it will be refilled and getting wet. Your pretty paper covers would be ruined. I love your creativity! :)Amy

  7. I used sticky-back vinyl for covering things like the hand sanitizer and labeling bins. You can buy lots of colors of vinyl at craft stores, but that is expensive. I went to a local printing shop (found in the yellow pages) and asked for one or two feet each of favorite colors and black. Way cheaper! (printing shop: $3 for a 1 foot x 3 feet piece!) Works in the Cricut machine too!


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