Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Student Seating-ALTERNATIVE SEATING - Setting Up the Classroom Series

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I recently posted about reading nooks and about student seating. Along those lines...
Have you heard about "alternative seating?"

There is currently a thread going on the A to Z forums that relates to this. It was started by Ms. Jasztal who always offers inspiring ideas. If you haven't discovered her site yet, it's a must see.

An article on a classroom that uses yoga balls.
Here's a video about the use of yoga balls as chairs in the classroom:
A fairly cheap option for balance balls.

Love the wicker sofa and floor mat in Angela's classroom:

I seriously can't get enough of these storage crate seats and especially love the bold, popping fabric on these.

Kristen has beanbags and large pillows available for her students. And let's pause for a moment and admire that awesome tree with hanging monkeys. Too cute!

Alternative Seating information

Alternative Seating photos

Research links for Alternative Seating

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Jayne, who was a Senior Editor of Mailbox Magazine and who now runs a great blog titled ABCs of Reading, was kind enough to send me the following photos. Be sure to check out her blog. It's a great resource for teachers.

For more ideas and pictures to help organize and manage your classroom, please check out my book: The Clutter-Free Guide to Classroom Organization and Management by clicking here.
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  1. I love all the pics! I'm a "new" first grade teacher this year and I don't think I want to rock the boat on alternative seating as I need to see what a year looks like with what is in the room. Thanks for posting all the pics and info! Great reference for this topic!
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  2. I love the yoga balls. Our school piloted the use of them in the classroom in our county and they were awesome. The older kids got full class sets, but some of us received enough to use for our small groups. I let me really wiggly worms use them at their desks.
    Thanks for posting the pics!

  3. Our entire 6th grade had balance balls donated. I just purchased 2 of the balance seat things that go in your chair for ADHD kids on Amazon. One is for me! We will test them out!

  4. I have used the balls and wiggle seats...LOVE LOVE can the balance balls (smaalest size) @ target or Walmart for under $10...I am getting a few more for this next year. I use mine from home too! Check it out

  5. Thanks for the mention. :) LOVE your wonderful themes and photos! It's like peeking into other teachers' classrooms...from my sofa.
    Summer smiles, Jayne

  6. I am interested in the crate seats. The only concern I can see is how much weight would those hold? I teach 3rd grade, and some of those kids can weigh more than you think.

  7. Thanks for the link to my site! My crates worked out so well last year and they look great for the upcoming year.

  8. I love that you highlighted yoga balls. I've used ball chairs in my room for 2 years now. I only have traditional chairs at my computer stations. They are amazing, especially for k-2 kiddos who need to move more. Their stamina in reading and writing is generally higher than the other sections (same grade) in my school. I believe it's the movement :)

  9. I'm looking at your website and I don't see any tips for intermediate classrooms that will be in the 30s. I have been teaching for 5 years and have been told to expect 32 students come this September. I need some tips on how to arrange desks and chairs for students in various formations (rows and groupings).
    Thanks! Any other tips on how to make a small room look large would also be appreciated. :)


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