Sunday, July 17, 2011


I hopped on the Vistaprint Bandwagon a couple of years ago and stocked my classroom with lots of goodies for next to nothing. I posted about it on my other blog:
here (my behavior board)
and here (banners)
and here (hodge podge)

Well, this past weekend I went a little crazy with the psuedo-free shipping sale.

It was supposed to expire around the 4th of July, but it's still going strong.

I also discovered you can click one link and add free stuff from that offer to your cart and then click another and add more free stuff and ultimately click on the free shipping link and that works too. You need to spend at least $1.00 so the easiest thing to do is to add a free rubber stamp and pay the $1.49 upgrade for red ink.

I placed close to 30 orders on Saturday.

Because I ordered a class set of the following:
  • a tote bag that reads, "welcome to 3rd grade"
  • a hat with the class name and school
  • a tshirt with the class name
  • a keychain with the class name
  • a pen with the class name
  • a pad of post-its with the class name
  • a mug with the class name
  • a rubber stamp for each child with his/her name on it
  • a set of notecards for each child
  • a photobook

ALL of the above items cost me $1.49 TOTAL and that includes FREE 5 day shipping.

Here's how:
Process one order. Go into your order history and click on "reorder." Delete the rubber stamp. Add a rubber stamp with a new child's name. Process the order. Repeat until you have a class set.

I also did magnets (with my info and website), homework passes and things like that as a different order and will divide them up into the welcome bags. I'm going to use the mugs as their holiday gift with hot cocoa and marshmallows and a free Scholastic book.

I'll give them the hat as an end of year gift and get fabric markers so they can sign each other's hat.

The process took me about 2 hours to create and reorder X 25, but it was well worth-it. Below are the links I used. I just placed another order so they are still working for the moment.

Just remember to add the stamp using the free shipping link as the last step.

FREE SHIPPING Link (add in a free stamp with red ink for $1.49)

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  1. This is awesome!! I just placed an order to Vistaprint, but with this deal, I'm headed back over there to follow what you did! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. All I can say is WOW! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Was it 1.49 for each order? I want to use Vista Print but I am not really sure how it really works.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I am also wondering if that was 1.49 per order. How did you get 25 mugs? Thanks for your help!

    Tales of a Third Grade

  6. Also how did you get note pads?

  7. I must be sleepy...have been trying..can't do it :(

  8. can you share how you made your behavior board? thanks!

  9. Thanks for the tip, I was able to get the pens, shirts and labels but couldn't find how to get the bags and sticky notes or note cards.

  10. Almost exactly two hours later, I feel like I just robbed VistaPrint.

    Thank you for sharing! This is great!

  11. I can't figure out how to get the free things and the free shipping ($1+). When I have the free things in my cart and then click the link for the ink stamp, it makes somethings not free anymore.

  12. Thanks for the great idea! I can't wait until my order comes in!

  13. Thank you SO much! I've been reading about these vistaprint offers for a while, but they never seem to work for me. I finally placed my 1st order and it totalled 1.50! I still can't quite figure out the tote bags or some of the other items on your list that didn't seem to have a link. Here's what I got: Business cards (cute owls) that say "HOORAY! I made outstanding choices today! Name: Date: " Magnets with teacher contact info; stamp with my name; t-shirt & pen w/ my name and school (upgraded to gray color for 1.50); mousepad (w/pile of book) "1st graders love to learn!"; Personal photobooks w/ family pictures from the summer & some student information cards (not too excited about my choice on these - only got 10 and I didn't didn't put all of the info. I wanted on them so I'll have to print on the back.) I placed them in the order listed. The last item (postcard) I added after clicking on the 4th of July free shipping link. I then went to the family section - free items and found invitations/announcements. Hope this helps someone! I would also love to hear how to get the other items to work. I'm also wondering what you do if others join your class (regarding personalized items). THANK YOU for posting!!

  14. I finally figured out the totebags! I did a search for free tote and it gave me a link. Here's the one that worked for me: I chose the add text and add your own picture. Just be careful not to add premiums.

  15. I followed the tot bag link, and uploaded my own picture, but it is charging me 3.24. Did I do something wrong?

  16. The first time I did that and posted the link it didn't charge for that and it didn't charge for shipping. I've been trying to recreate that scenario since then and keep coming up w/ 3.24 also. I finally gave up last night and paid 3.24 for another bag. One of the links she posted is for free downloads, but it seems like I haven't been able to get it to stack w/ the free shipping offer. Still trying! :)

  17. I need a Vista Print for Dummies...step by step. I was not able to do it :( I went to bed after being defeated by a website!!

  18. THANK YOU!!! These will be for our students, so I think it's perfectly fine to do :)

  19. I think the free shipping is over. I can't find it anymore. Has anyone else tried lately??

  20. Thank you so much for the info! I just finished ordering totes, t-shirts, mugs, sticky notes, stamps, mousepads, and pens for each of my students :) I can't wait to see their faces when they see these sitting on their desks the first day of school!

  21. Yes, I am still using the free shipping. Put all the free items into your cart and make sure they alls how free. I add a free rubber stamp at this point also. Then follow the link she posted for free shipping which takes you to a letter (July 4th) and a link. Click on the link and make sure your items are still in your cart. Go to the rubber stamp and edit it to change the ink color to red (1.50). Then you should be able to checkout and pay 1.50 and have free shipping.

  22. Hi! Could you share how you created your Behavior Board on Vistaprint? I would love to make one, and Banners are currently on sale for.. you got it, FREE! :)

  23. WOOOOHOOO!!! I did it :)
    I got 250 business cards, one pen, and one rubber stamp for $1.49..FREE shipping.

  24. Thank you so much! I had an order I was already placing {thank goodness I found your link first} I was about to pay 29$ in shipping {Whew!! You saved me!} I ended up placing 7 total orders...I got so much free stuff and I only spent 15$ {less than I was originally going to pay in shipping} Thank you again!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  25. Thank you sooooo much for posting this! I made 8 orders at the beginning of July using this method and posted about it on my blog only to have someone tell me that they were charged mysterious I freaked...but I haven't had any mysterious charges and my order came the other day and I'm soooo excited! I plan to use your links and share it with my team!
    Appreciate all your shares!!!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  26. I still can't get the free shipping. I click the link and it says this:
    We're sorry, your email offers have expired but please enjoy 25% OFF sitewide!
    Check your inbox to view today's exclusive deals

    Any advice?
    Thanks so much!!

  27. I'm getting the same error Rebekah. I also had the problem of things that were free when I put them in the cart ending up costing the normal price. FRUSTRATING!

  28. I can't get it to work right either. The uploaded picture is not coming out as free, nor free shipping, and the items keep changing prices. Ugh! I really wanted to take advantage of this, but after an hour plus of tying to figure it out, I guess it's not meant to be! Thank you anyway - I love all your posts!

  29. Looks like the free shipping finally ran out - I'm getting the same message. But everything else seems to be working:)

  30. Reilly said...
    I was able to get 10 items X's 34 for $1.49 on July 18. (Tshirt,mug,hat,sticky notes, pen, large magnet,rubber stamp, tote,key chain,and mouse pad.) Got greedy and went back to do more today and can't get the free shipping. Happy, though to get all that I got!

  31. Yep, the free shipping is over, but I got some cool stuff, including business cards, Welcome to 2nd Grade postcards, punch cards, a stamp, free homework passes (business card) and a photobook of pictures from my vacation for my "getting to know your teacher" display. I can't wait to get my order. No classroom sets, but maybe I'll get free shipping someday...

  32. LOOPHOLE!!! I contacted customer service and they added the free shipping to my account for 7 more days! So if you are still wanting to I would ask!!

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  33. HELP- i cannot get this to work, it always adds a price!!! email,

  34. For those that are having problems with it adding a price, check to make sure you only have 10 free items in your cart. If you add more than 10, it will add a price to something because it does not allow you to get more than 10 free items in one transaction. Hope that helps!

    Mrs. I - What did you say when you called customer service?

  35. Yesterday I received all 22 of my orders! Yay! Thanks for all the tips and codes!


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