Sunday, July 17, 2011


I hopped on the Vistaprint Bandwagon a couple of years ago and stocked my classroom with lots of goodies for next to nothing. I posted about it on my other blog:
here (my behavior board)
and here (banners)
and here (hodge podge)

Well, this past weekend I went a little crazy with the psuedo-free shipping sale.

It was supposed to expire around the 4th of July, but it's still going strong.

I also discovered you can click one link and add free stuff from that offer to your cart and then click another and add more free stuff and ultimately click on the free shipping link and that works too. You need to spend at least $1.00 so the easiest thing to do is to add a free rubber stamp and pay the $1.49 upgrade for red ink.

I placed close to 30 orders on Saturday.

Because I ordered a class set of the following:
  • a tote bag that reads, "welcome to 3rd grade"
  • a hat with the class name and school
  • a tshirt with the class name
  • a keychain with the class name
  • a pen with the class name
  • a pad of post-its with the class name
  • a mug with the class name
  • a rubber stamp for each child with his/her name on it
  • a set of notecards for each child
  • a photobook

ALL of the above items cost me $1.49 TOTAL and that includes FREE 5 day shipping.

Here's how:
Process one order. Go into your order history and click on "reorder." Delete the rubber stamp. Add a rubber stamp with a new child's name. Process the order. Repeat until you have a class set.

I also did magnets (with my info and website), homework passes and things like that as a different order and will divide them up into the welcome bags. I'm going to use the mugs as their holiday gift with hot cocoa and marshmallows and a free Scholastic book.

I'll give them the hat as an end of year gift and get fabric markers so they can sign each other's hat.

The process took me about 2 hours to create and reorder X 25, but it was well worth-it. Below are the links I used. I just placed another order so they are still working for the moment.

Just remember to add the stamp using the free shipping link as the last step.

FREE SHIPPING Link (add in a free stamp with red ink for $1.49)

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