Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FREEBIES: How to Set Up Your Classroom


Before you jump into moving furniture and putting up bulletin boards, you really need to develop a plan for your space.

a camera
a tape measure
a ruler (or something to draw straight lines)
my adorable diagram sheet (see below)

Stand in the middle of your classroom and take a picture of each wall.
Open up cabinets and closets and take a photo of each of those as well.
Stand in each corner and take a photo of the room from that angle.

These photos will help you plan your space while your outside of the classroom.

Use the diagram sheet and sketch out each of your walls.
Include bulletin boards, outlets, computer hook-ups.

Measure bulletin boards, space between boards, closets, shelves, etc. (basically anything that will play a role in your classroom design.
Record these measurements onto your diagram.

Make a list of all of the furniture in your classroom,
This includes desks, shelves, easels, etc.
Make a list of all of the district-issued items that you’re required to house (science kits, reading anthologies, etc.

AND...because I appreciate all of you....I've created a free printable to go with this step. You can download it here: Setting Up Your Classroom Planning Sheets

For more ideas and pictures to help organize and manage your classroom, please check out my book: The Clutter-Free Guide to Classroom Organization and Management by clicking here.
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  1. I posted about this same thing! Well not exactly you are much more through. I only posted about classroom design. Click here for my Classroom Design post.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  2. Until I started blogging, I always thought I was the only freak for having the most organized classroom ever -- and that meant pictures of the walls and such before I could begin to decide where everything would go. These posts make me realize I am not such a freak after all ;)

  3. I love doing different setups in my classroom each year. It helps to talk it through with other teachers to get their opinions, too!!

  4. I am so excited to find this! I will start teaching 1st grade after Christmas. I have been encouraged to make the space my own, so I want an idea in place. This is so awesome! Thank You sooooooo much!

  5. Great organizational ideas! One thing I would add to the list that all my kids adore is grow a TickleMe Plant. My kids are alwasy so excited to come to class as when they tickle this plant it closes its leaves and lowers its branches. Search TickleMe Plant to see one and get a greenhouse kit to grow one.

  6. I found a link to see educational videos of the plant http://www.ticklemeplant.com


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