Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE Clip Chart Behavior Plan

I had posted about my behavior management system a little while ago and have received a few messages asking how I made it. I designed it in photoshop using the template that Vistaprint has available for banners and then saved it as a jpg.
I uploaded it to VP and had it printed as a vertical banner. You'll notice there are 3 columns. I did this so I could cut the banner and get 3 charts out of it. I was able to share them with coworkers to use. It lasted all year and is still in great shape.

I just added the jpg file I designed to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can download it there for free. I'm assuming you can then upload it to Vistaprint, snag a good deal and get your own free clip chart.


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  1. I love this! I use the clip chart in my classroom too but my colors are different than yours. I made mine look like a caterpillar but would like to change to rectangles this year. Is there any way I can get a copy of your design and change the colors before uploading to Vista Print? I have already ordered so many things with " Hip Hip Hooray I made it to black today!" on it. Thank you again!
    Tales of a Third Grade

  2. what size banner did you make?

  3. Thank you! I was trying to make my own but my boxes kept getting messed up and it was taking forever! I love this :)

  4. Hello!
    sorry to contact you through your comments! I just wanted to let ya know that I had such immense feedback about my book barn from you featuring it. That is actually what gave me the confidence to start blogging. Anyway, since you featured it in your farm themed classroom, I have gotten requests to post the dimensions. I finally did post them yesterday. I will leave a link. Thanks again. YOU ARE AWESOME!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  5. I don't think the link works...if you google tunstall's teaching tidbits, it should go right to it. sorry to mess up your comments!!! feel free to delete! :)

  6. Thank you so much!!! I was just trying to make this for the upcoming school year. What size banner did you get on VistaPrint??

  7. Hi friend...you are more than welcome.

    To Clarify: I printed this as a small banner (vertical direction).

  8. Hello! I am interested in using this- but our school has a "school-wide" color code that I have to use. Is there anyway I can get my school colors? I do not need the words. I don't have photoshop :( I have a program similar but it frustrates me lol. Our colors are Green, yellow, orange, red, blue

    Fantastic 1st Grade

  9. Beautiful banner! Just wanted to ask...when students hit parent contact and then move up, do you still contact parent? What about when students do something serious--do you drop down to parent contact. I can see how it works with the well behaved students, but wasn't sure about the chronic misbehaving ones.

  10. LOVE this system!! How many different colors do you use for coloring the clips during the year? Were there new colors all year or at some point did they hit the "this is the highest you can go & that's the clip you'll have the rest of the year"? Thanks!
    :) Michele


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