Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tropical Luau Themed Classrooms

When I taught Kindergarten, I did a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme in my classroom. It was a great way to set up a fun and colorful classroom while incorporating the alphabet which was a huge focus for the year.

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This theme was one of my favorites. I even used it for (insert gasp) two years. There is so much you can do with it and many directions to take it in: pirates, fish, ocean, Hawaiian, tropical, etc.

  • “Fin”tastic ________
  • Behavior Bay
  • Reader’s Reef
  • Get “Hooked” on a Book
  • Birthday Beach
  • Whale of a Job
  • Catch of the Day (calendar)
  • Having a Ball in ___ Grade (Beach Balls)
  • Surfin’ the Web (computer area)
  • Work to Treasure
  • Get into the Swim of Things
  • Dive Into ____________
  • ___ Grade is Oceans of Fun
  • Get Caught Being Good (fish)
  • We’re “Nuts” For ____ (palm tree with coconuts)
  • Sands of Time (Calendar or Schedule)
  • Whale of a “Tale” (writing board)
  • We’re So Bright, We’ve Gotta Wear Shades (take pics of kids wearing sunglasses)
  • We Really Dig _____ (accent with pails and shovels)
  • hang flowered leis around the board
  • trim a grass skirt and hang it from the top of a board
  • trim the board with festive lights. Party stores often sell fish, pineapples, surfboards, etc)
  • beach balls
  • fishing bobbin
  • inflatable fish
  • tiki torches (remove the ‘torch’ part)
  • fishing net
  • boogie board
  • flip flops
  • Cut letters from sandpaper to make titles for your bulletin boards
  • Plastic Shovels and sand toys

Create a large sand castle reading nook using a cardboard box and covering it with sandpaper.
Cover the windows in blue plastic wrap.
Hang fish and seaweed from the ceiling.
Use sand pails to hold supplies like pencils.
Bring in beach chairs.
Let the kids sit o beach towels when they are reading.
Use cardboard to make a surfboard.
Attention Getter: Teacher Says, “Surfs Up” and students say, “Hang Ten”
Use a Beach Cabana to create a cozy reading area.

Hang a grass skirt around a table and use the space underneath for storage.
Use a beach themed shower curtain to cover open shelving.
Make pillow cases and curtains from tropical themed fabric (Walmart sells it cheap)
Take a picture of each child wearing a pirate hat and eye patch or a flowered shirt and straw hat. Use them to mark cubbies/lockers.
Have a “Starfish of the Week” instead of a “Star of the Week.”
Spraypaint your metal trashcan blue. Use fish stamps to create a cool look.
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This is an actual table skirt, but you could create something similar with hula skirts from the Dollar Store and a glue gun. I had attached one on my desk.

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  1. I am so impressed with your blog! I found your website a few years ago and I have gathered many ideas from you. Thank you for the hard work and thank you more for sharing it!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Rock & Roll theme later this month. We're adopting this theme for our building and I can use all the creative help I can get!

  2. Hello, I started a turtle theme in my classroom and I would love to see what you come up with.

  3. I love your calendar and focus boards! What do they say/include!


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