Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockstar Themed Classroom

Throughout the month of June, I am going to run a Classroom Theme Series and feature a different popular classroom theme each day. Themes are a great way to tie everything in your classroom just have to be careful not to let them clutter your classroom :) Today we are going to Rock On!

Lunch menu / lunch boxes: Hard Rock Cafe

Use ipod images for a bulletin board and title it, "Learning - We've Got an App for That"

Welcome to a Record Breaking Year

Rock into ____ Grade

Decorate the room with plastic records, inflatable musical instruments, music notes, sunglasses.

Shrink down sheet music and use it to create a bulletin board border.

Hang CDs from the ceiling using fishing line.

Take pictures of your students with glitzy hats and sunglasses for a display.

Welcome to ____ Where Everyone Is a Star

Display student work with a sign reading, "Our Greatest Hits"

Meet the Stars of Rockin' Room ___
Featured Artists

We're Rockin' Our Way Through __________

Tune in to Station L.E.A.R.N.

Grammy Winning Writing

Job Board: Rocking Responsibility

Birthday Board: A Star is Born

Reading Tops the Charts

Our Current Playlist

Reading Rocks

Beth Newingham's Rockstar theme
rock and roll rock & roll rockstar rock star theme classroom themed classroom ideas pictures photos images bulletin boards job chart displays

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  1. These are just great!


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