Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Polka Dots and Spots Themed Classrooms

Throughout the month of June, I am running a Classroom Theme Series and feature a different popular classroom theme each day. Themes are a great way to tie everything in your classroom together...you just have to be careful not to let them clutter your classroom :) Today we are going to focus on a theme that "hits the spot!"

If you are looking for a theme or a means of tying everything in your room together and are hoping to do it on the cheap, then this is the theme for you. You can use a hole punch, bingo dabber, die cut circles or those circle stickers that come in primary and neon colors (many people use them for organizing books) to turn already existing items into polka-dot theme items. Another bonus is that you can color-coordinate your dots to a color scheme you like.

Buy paper plates at the dollar store. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hang them around the room or add letters to create a word wall.
Use polka dot ribbon (cheap at craft stores and Walmart) to create border.

Create a dot to dot figure making each dot have the name of each student in the classroom. You may use yarn to connect the dots with the students names. At the end when you connect all the dots you will have a figure and show students that together we can create anything possible using everyones mind! (idea source)



Ms. F's polka dot classroom

Look Who Was Spotted ________
“Spot”tacular Work
Work that is Spot On
“Spot”light On _______
Find Your Spot in Mr/Ms _____’s Class
_____ Hits the Spot
Spotted Making Good Choices
Which DOT Are You On?
My D.O.T. Book (Daily Organizational Tool)

Ms. Noble's Polka Dot room:

Use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper to die cut letters or as a background for mounting items.
Use polka-dot fabric to make pillow covers, curtains or as bulletin board backgrounds.

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  1. Thank you Thank you! This is the theme of my room. I had no idea others have used it too! It is so easy to do and keep up with! I found some new ideas here too!

  2. love this idea! I'm moving to 6th from 1st and think this theme would be great for a sixth grade room if done just right! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you for posting this theme. I love polka dots yet never thought to do this as a theme in my Kinder classroom.

    Ms. Stephanie
    A Teachers' Tales

  4. Gosh I love polka dots!! I'm incorporating them into my beach theme next year :)


  5. Oh my gosh! That's my classroom! I check your blog daily and suddenly...there I am! I feel like a celebrity! :) Thank you so much for the "shout out."

    PS--Your blog is awesome and wait till you see my classroom next year...;)

  6. I'm such a sucker for polka dots!! This is so cute!!

  7. This is a great idea of using polka dots as a theme. I plan to use my scrapbook materials to make cheap name tags and decor for the room. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love all the pics!! I was wondering if I could pin a few of them on pinterest?

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  9. Could you tell me where the rug with the overlapping circles came from? I'm in love!

  10. That's my rug and I got it at an outlet store in North Carolina, I love it also! I put it away after a few years of kids not really using it but I think I've been inspired to pull it out again!

  11. I love the polka Dots.... This is my first year teaching and I am using polka dots in my room along with Zebra ? You have given me some great ideas!


  12. Do you mind telling whether or not your reminder board is dry erase or not? If so, what did you use to make it? Thanks! Cool ideas.

  13. I too want to know what you used for the reminder board....

  14. I decided to make this my theme this year and just googled "polka dot classroom" to find ideas. I just knew someone had done this already! - Great Ideas! Thanks so much!


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