Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Themed Classrooms

Edited to add: This posted accidentally this morning. I have a bunch more stuff to add, but since so much of it overlaps the bee theme, I think I'll post them together this weekend.

See How We've Grown
Watch Our Garden of Learners Grow

Word Wall:
Word Garden with words on colorful flowers.

3D Elements:
-hot glue silk flowers onto bulletin boards
-use watering cans and flower pots to hold supplies

Mrs. Harrison's Garden and Bug Themed Classroom

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  1. This is going to be my them this year... My bulletin board welcoming them says' " Look who's growwing on _______'s Vine!" Their names will be on little pumpins (then their pictures).
    I am putting the letters for the word wall on SEED PACKETS - A for Artichoke, B for Butternut Squash, C-Cabbage, etc! FUN!!

  2. Sorry, for all the typing errors! LOL

  3. I've seen a lot of garden/bug stuff, but I am doing a Backyard themed classroom and am looking for ideas. I am thinking about tree house and tire swing pictures but am not finding anything. Any ideas?

    1. Me too!!!! I have a beach umbrella, fall leaves sprinkled around, laminated ants crawling up and down walls, draped fabric in one area as an awning and I am looking for a tree stump. My walls have butcher paper painted like green grass half way up wiht 2 plastic white fences leaning against the walls. In the spring I will add butterflies, lady bugs, and spring flowers. I would love any suggestions!

      Christina Stalboerger - 3rd

  4. would love to hear more on the garden theme... slogans and more 3d items. thanks!


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