Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fairy Tale Themed Classrooms

This classroom is great because it appeals to both boys and girls. The teacher did an outstanding job of giving the room a theme without cluttering the space. How fabulous is this behavior management tool?

And on an ironic note, my son is watching Tangled as I type this so the Rapunzel concept is all the more appreciated at the moment. The wall banners are great for a theme, but can sometimes look sloppy. I love the way she added solid color border to the top to give it a finished look. FYI: you can buy those here.

Check out her photos for even more looks at this creative classroom.
Her "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" is adorable!

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  1. I am loving your daily theme ideas! I think the fairy tale theme is my favorite - in fact it makes me want to live in a fairy tale. I want to be a princess in a fairy tale!

  2. Yah!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting the fairy tale theme!
    KinderKastle is needing a little sprucing up as I have used a castle theme in my kindergarten classroom for about 10 years!
    Now, I am anticipating the Oz theme. Thinking I can possibly incorporate some ideas from that theme too!

  3. I think my kids may be a little too old, but if I ever move down I think I've found my new favorite theme!

  4. I LOVE the fairy tale classroom- I would LOVE that in my little 3rd grade classroom. On another note- any pictures on a theme relating to Winnie the Pooh or Elmo? Special Ed students, and those are among one of the student's favorites, even though my students are in 3rd and one from 4th-

  5. I would love to see more ideas!
    Recently, I saw some really cute fairytale wall decal phrases at
    Thinking I might be able to make some myself with my cricut?

  6. I am planning on using this theme for my 2nd grade classroom this year and am so excited. I just ordered a bunch of castle decorations from Amazon (wall decals, blow up dragons, etc.) and and looking for some slogan ideas. I need a saying for a Math/Science word wall and a saying for the children's work display. Thank you for any ideas!


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