Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cooking / Food Themed Classrooms

Throughout the month of June, I am going to run a Classroom Theme Series and feature a different popular classroom theme each day. Themes are a great way to tie everything in your classroom just have to be careful not to let them clutter your classroom :) Today we are going to get an appetite for a Cooking / Food Theme.

I do have a cooking theme set in the works and will publish it in the next couple of weeks. :)

-red and white checkered fabric
-plastic tableclothes
-aluminum foil
-saran wrap
-wax paper
-parchment paper
-take out menus
-paper placemats from restuarants
-Cooking Up a Great Year
-We have the Recipe for Success
-Nacho Ordinary Class
-A New Batch of Smart Cookies

-Keep Yourself Out of a Pickle
-Use a check chart system and title it, “Check, Please!”
-Work we Relish
-Smart Cookies
-Hot Off the Grill
-Our Work Takes the Cake
-hang whisks, spatulas, etc from fishing line
-use solid color border and hot glue plastic forks knives and spoons to it
-stamp a border using paint and cookie cutters
-staple pieces of paper from the pads servers use to take orders around the border
-staple napkins around the border of the board

Roasting into Reading
Tasty Technology
Marinating in Math
Succulent Spelling
Stirring Up Social Studies
A Slice of Science
Student of the Week=Top Chef
Schedule = Today’s Menu
Newsletter = What’s Cooking?

Cut a posterboard into the shape of a recipe card. Title it “Recipe for Success” and use it to list your class rules.
Add cafe-style tables to the classroom.
Use oversized measuring cups to hold pencils or other supplies.
Use pizza boxes to store student portfolio work.
Take pictures of the class wearing an apron and chef’s hat to display.
Create bulletin board titles by putting letters onto paper plates.

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  1. Where do you get your cute fonts and borders?

  2. YAY! I'm sooooo excited for your post on a food themed classroom! :)

    Here's one of my boards:

  3. I love your products, blog, and ideas!!!

    Do you have this theme package available in your TPT store? I looked and couldn't find it. I'd love to purchase it if you can point me in the right direction.


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