Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Construction Themed Classrooms

These pictures are from the classroom of the teacher next door to me. I love this chart outside her door. The shovel is on a clothespin which moves to show where the class is.

Have I mentioned that I love 3-D elements on bulletin boards? The cones are fun.

Hard Hats Needed...Great Minds Being Built

Writing Center: Keep Writing

Use the 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot as seats.

Use paint cans to hold supplies

Use construction tape as a border.

"Learning Zone"


"Learnign in Progress"

"Building a Brighter Future"

Working Hard in ____ Grade

Reading Zone

Our Construction Crew

Building Up Character

Beginner Blueprints for Reading (get some old blueprints to put up as the background to the board)

Building a Foundation for Learning

Kids at Work

Caution: Thinking Cap Required

Nailing Good Behavior

Digging in to Help

Today's Blueprint


Use empty paint cans for pencil, scissors, etc. holder

Use caution tape for bulletin board borders

Refer to all the learning areas as "zones"
construction theme classroom construction themed classroom with a construction theme pictures of construction theme classrooms pictures of construction themed classrooms classroom with a construction theme classrooms with a construction theme bulletin board ideas printables

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  1. Very cool! I just added your site to my blogroll and I look forward to keeping up with your ideas!


  2. Ohhhh.....I have the perfect bulletin board idea you can add to this! Scroll down a bit and you'll see it on this post:


    I love all of your themes! I'm doing a food theme next year!!! Got anything under your belt? I'll pay big bucks!!!

  3. I love that large Classroom Workers sign. Did you purchase it? Or did you make it?

  4. I just ran across this. I did a Workshop theme, but most of mine came across like this. My students love it and I think they're learning a thing or two as well. www.jwhit.com

  5. If I may ask where did you get the construction theme boarders and such?

  6. Hello! I am very interested in your package....so adorable! What exactly all comes included? Are any of your things for the Bulletin Board or just student worksheets?

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  9. I am wondering where you got your hard hats you used for your bulletin boards or if you purchases bulletin board set that went with this theme? Do you have templates that you used or a bulletin board package that can be purchased?


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