Monday, June 20, 2011

Carnival and Circus Themed Classrooms

Throughout the month of June, I am going to run a Classroom Theme Series and feature a different popular classroom theme each day. Themes are a great way to tie everything in your classroom just have to be careful not to let them clutter your classroom :) Today we are going to clown around with a circus/carnival theme.

I do have a carnival / circus theme set in the works and will publish it in the next couple of weeks. :)

I would have thought these would have been easy themes to compile, but alas there wasn't much out there. If you have (or no of) any great circus/carnival theme ideas or pictures let me know and I'll add them here.

Come One, Come All to the Greatest School Year on Earth

We're Nuts About ______ (with elephant and circus peanuts)

Clowning Around (display with silly pictures of the students)

Flying High in ____ Grade (trapeze)

Tilt-o-Word (Vocabulary/Spelling Board)
Popcorn Words (Word Wall)
Award tickets for good behavior or other incentives.
Keep your eye on the prize!
Target Skills (w/ bullseye)
_____ Grade: A Ride of a Lifetime"
Step Right Up to _______ Grade!
Welcome to the Big Top

Juggling Jobs (job chart bb with pic of juggler)
"We Don't Clown Around in ________ Grade- (behavior board)
"______ is a real treat!"- display w/carnival food pics (cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, etc.)
"_________ Makes the World Go 'Round!"- w/pic of ferris wheel
"Get in the Game of Learning!"- display w/carnival game pics

Keep a Winning Attitude!"- behavior bb w/pics of carnival kids w/prizes
Make a ring of fire by taping tissue (red, orange and yellow) to a hula hoop and attaching to the wall.
Paper mache balloons that have been twisted & turned into the animals etc and paint them bright colors and attach them to your walls.

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  1. This is the theme that I will be doing for the upcoming school year. I agree that it hasn't been very easy to find things for a Circus theme.

    Target has some stuff in their dollar section right now.

    I can send some pics of my new class in August or you can check out my blog (will post things up there too).

  2. Will you be putting together a carnival classroom kit?

  3. I did a carnival theme in my third grade class two years ago. If you head to my blog and go back to one of my first posts, you will find a bunch of ideas I came up with. There wasn't alot out there, so I had to get creative. :)

  4. I LOVE that this is on here!! :) My theme for our school is Carnival/Reading is a Thrill. So I will be using this isn my classroom. I hadn't found a lot of stuff, so this is very useful! Thank u! I would love to see more of what you all find :)

  5. When will you post your Carnival Theme Kit?? I can't wait to see what you have come up with.

  6. I teach 1st grade and will be doing my circus theme for the second year. You're right, there's not a lot out there, so I had to get creative, too. One thing I plan on doing this year is having a weekly "Ring Leader" which will be letting one person be the star student for the week. He/she will get to be the line leader, bring something in for show and tell, and get to do a home project about themselves to share with the class.
    This past year one thing that I did that worked very well to reinforce positive behavior was to pass out tickets when I caught kids being good, when they brought in their homework, etc.... the kids put their names on the backs then I put them in a plastic pop corn container (that I bought at Target) and at the end of each day I would pull out three tickets and those kids got treasure box or a special treat of some sort. It was amazing how motivating a ticket would be!
    This year I will be mailing out a small paper popcorn bag and inside it will be a ticket with the "Come One, Come All, to the Greatest School Year of All" and then my name, our class #, date and time of school. Also I'm also including a pencil, eraser, and a piece of writing paper with the prompt, "If I could run the circus I would...."
    I'm getting excited for the school year to begin just thinking about all the fun things I want to do.
    Have a wonderful school year and a blast turning your rooms into circuses. :)

  7. Would love to see your circus theme! I'm doing this theme in my Kindergarten class this year..well in 3 weeks..and would love to get the theme kit!

  8. I am really looking forward to purchasing your circus theme kit. I've been checking back often. :) Perfect for my theme this year! I purchased several of your kits last year (Substitute Plans, Teacher Lesson Plans, and several others)and I love them all! Thanks for your great work!

  9. I plan on using the circus/carnival theme in my classroom this year! I would love to purchase this kit (I usually purchase my material from another website, but will give you a couple of weeks to see what you come up with.) Is there anyway the circus/carnival kit will be finished before August 22nd?

    PS:I love the Hollywood kit you created. I was almost tempted to do the Hollywood Theme again this year. I teach Kinder and 1st grade so my 1st graders have already seen it, so I am looking forward to changing it up. But GREAT job! I also loved all the pictures from other resources. So looking forward the the circus/carnival kit.

  10. I'd also like to purchase the circus kit. I've bought some stuff at target and made flag banners to hang across my ceiling...I've also seen the walls papered with red and white stripes and that looks cute. I am buying a poster at Vista Print that says Welcome to the Greatest Class on Earth for my door.

  11. My school librarian has a Circus theme in the Library and computer lab. She is dressed as a ringmaster to welcome kiddos. I'm in one of the pictures putting up the BIGTOP in the lab using strips of butcher paper. Here is the link if you want to check it out and add more pictures to your site! and

  12. Oh fun!! My first year was a circus theme. I had several of the things you mentioned, but also a red and white butcher paper on the ceiling (a no-no now) that looked like the tent, and my word wall had a clown with a bunch of balloons, and each letter was on a balloon, with the words on the strings. Makes me want to dig the pictures out! :)


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