Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach / Ocean Themed Classroom

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Hooked on _____
_______ is Oceans of Fun!
Set Sail for ______
Glad to "Sea" You! (door decoration)
Swim Into ____
Meet an Ocean of Friends
Ride the ____ Wave
We're Making a SPLASH with Great Work! (do splash in wavy letters)
Splashing Good Work
Sand-Tastic Work (use Elmer's glue and sandbox sand to cover letter with sand)
Surfing our Way to Successful Learning (make a large surfboard shape and put the saying on the surfboard)
Treasures from the Sea
Dive Right in with Great Work
Dive in and explore _____!
Splash into 2nd Grade
Dive into _____
Swimming to Success
Welcome to Ms. ______ Ocean Reef! Where learning is oceans of fun! _____ Beach
Hang Ten with ____ grade!(Display with large wave and students names on cutouts.)
The Sun is shining on ____________ (Spotlight on student of the week or student's work samples. Hang sun on display.)
Swimming for Knowledge (Using body's of scuba divers with the children's faces)
General Management
______'s Reef is Oceans of Fun
Swimming to good behavior
Treasure Good Behavior
Catch of the Day (attendance)
Bait Shop (lunch choices/lunch count)
Caught Being Good (behavior)
Behavior Bay
A Sea of Helpers (job chart)
Gone Surfin (Paint this on a small surf board to hang on the door when not in the room.)
Surf Days (display student birthdays on surf boards or use as calendar area title)
Sands of Times/Tide of Times (calendar area or newsletter title)
Tiki Times, Starfish Gazette, The Reef Report (newsletter titles)
Digging for Golden Behavior (Display with sand pail, shovel, and gold coins. Then have class work together to add more gold coins to the display to earn class privileges.)
Star Student (Student of the week. Decorate with star fish.)
Sink your teeth into a good book (with a shark)
Oceans of Sounds for a digraph/blends wall
A School of "Fin"tastic Readers
Fishing for Sight Words
Hooked on books
Get hooked on reading! (Display feature book titles on the ends of fishing hooks made from poster board)
Waves of Words (word wall)
A School of "Fin"tastic Writers
A Whale of a Word (word wall)
The Tide/Sands of Times (calendar)
A School of "Fin"tastic Mathematicians
Other Center NamesSplash Zone/The Beach (carpet meeting area)
Art Atoll
Word Wharf
Math Mangrove
Poetry Pool
Grammar Island
Buddy Beach
Listening Lagoon
Computer Coast/Cove
Internet Island (Hang a net, small surfboard, and a sign that reads "Surf the Net!" or Place a small fish or other aquatic animal in the net above the computer area with a sign that reads "Get caught in the Net!")
Reader's/Reading Reef
Paradise Island/Cove (reading corner with palm tree scene setter)
Reading Reef (reading corner with beach or ocean scene setter)
Reading Hut or Reading Cabana (reading area at small table with beach umbrella & beach chairs)
Writer's Wharf/Reef
Ocean Isle (science and social studies)

I am so in love with the starfish in place of the letter A. Kudos for creativity!

Ummm...yeah...that's a beach shack library. How's that for AWESOME?

If you can stop drooling over these hardwood floors long enough, you can instead drool over the fabulousness that is Mrs. Venosdale's Beach Themed Classroom:

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  1. Im loving the themes - Im thinking of a bug/insect theme for my special ed classroom next year - do we have one of those coming up? ?


  2. Those are some awesome classrooms! I think a bug theme would be really cute too!

  3. I have one:

  4. I just finished my ocean/beach classroom! Here are the pictures on my classroom website under "Classroom Tour" :) Thanks for checking them out :)

    Lisa :)

  5. Many thanks for your time to have put these things together on this blog. Janet and i also very much loved your ideas through the articles over certain things. I understand that you have a variety of demands in your program therefore the fact that an individual like you took equally as much time like you did to steer people just like us via this article is even highly prized.

  6. I LOVE this room! At my school, Kindergarten just got an "Exploration Room" and our fist theme is Oceans! We are so inspired by your room! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Check out our progress sometime on my blog!

  7. this room is SO cute! where did you get that ocean 'wallpaper' background used for the 'Word Wave'?


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